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Manual deal diligence is costing you more than you think.

Enough with slow underwriting process leading to slipping deals. Get a powerful solution that helps you get deep insights into the opportunity and offers sophisticated underwriting models


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Manually extracting and compiling data from all deal documents like rent rolls, Income statements takes hours, and the reports can be full of errors. Get detailed, accurate, and auto-generated analysis with Clik.

Faster underwriting. Better insights. Smarter investing.

Our AI is smart enough to create investment models directly from the raw income statements and Rent Roll PDFs in seconds so that you can screen more deals, bid on more deals, and win more deals.

In asset management, the secret to your growth is in smarter work.

Maximize impact with instantly downloadable insightful graphs that add to your great asset performance presentations. Choose a more innovative way to track portfolio performance and manage spreadsheets.


What Top Underwriters Are Saying About Our Platform

"Integrating into our underwriting process has allowed our deal team to make more sophisticated investment decisions, in a fraction of the time! The software does a tremendous job of quickly integrating the financials (T12, RR) into a simple, easy to read model and actually goes a step further by mapping it directly into our internal, robust model. Completing proformas and presenting returns to partners is now done althemore confidentially with the leverage of Clik's technology."- Jeremy Cisneros, Director of Multifamily Acquisitions

"Clik.AI is a powerful efficiency tool that we have used to expedite Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac multifamily underwriting and loan reviews and has the potential to become an industry standard.- Paul Cairns, SVP, Northmarq Capital

"I was so very impressed with the speed of transferring all the data accurately into the template from the financials of my apartment complex- 308 units. Wow‼️‼️ It would have taken my team at least 1-2 hours to get all that in, it’s very time consuming. Really excited 😆 to get to do it so fast so that we can spend time doing the calculations & analyzing the real guts of the underwriting process. A huge time $aver‼️‼️‼️🌈🌈🙏 Thank You!"- Vinney Chopra, Managing Principal, Moneil Investment Group LLC